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Common Questions and FAQs

Read some of your most common questions and get answers.  Want to chat more? We love helping you find the best trip and answer any thing we can do make you feel ready and confident in your investment.  

I see a trip I want to join.  What's the next step?

You're ready to sign up, that's great! Next step, place your deposit after signing up.  Once you click the link on your trip on our website, you will be re-directed to WeTravel to fill out a registration form, and place your deposit.  You can pay just the deposit, or select any amount you are ready to pay.  

Do you offer monthly payments?

Yes! Once you place your deposit, you will automatically be entered into monthly payments.  Some trips that are supported by Fit4Travel with us offer 2 monthly payments after your deposit.  We are here to make any financial payment plans for you so just let us know if you have a plan that works best.  

I've booked a trip, now what?

First off, congratulations for picking a trip you love! We send out emails periodically to remind you to look at flights and travel details, a packing list 2 months before, and the last month send out details, itineraries, final info, as well as a link to join your WhatsApp group to keep us all in the loop before and during our trip together.  Feel free to email/call us any time with your questions! 

What's your cancellation policy?

We know things come up you didn't plan for. You can cancel your trip at any time, however we can only offer a 100% refund of payments made up to 120 days before your trip, 50% refunded up to 90 days, 0% 60 days before your trip.  Your deposit is non-refundable on all trips, no exceptions. If you have someone to take over your spot, your deposit can be refunded.  

We suggest getting travelers insurance to protect your investment, or use a credit card that carries insurance for your trip.

Let's Travel Together

Have more questions? Send us an email or call and let's chat! 

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